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Permaculture Designs

Since late 2014, we officially started offering our design services to the world. While I’ve (Hannah) been designing since 2008’ish, I’ve only done so when there’s been time, or when people have (kindly) hassled me until I gave in. So it’s been a real pleasure to have rearranged life to make room for them to happen regularly. Helping shape landscapes and lives to be more productive, beautiful and abundant is pretty darn cool.

Here’s a small tour of some of our designs…

*All private addresses have been removed to protect client’s privacy



We do small and large properties, everything from school gardens (like the one above) to private urban and rural properties. After years of working in public and private food gardens, it’s super satisfying to help create more and more productive spaces – you can never have too many!


Each of our designs come with a report ranging from 5 – 30 A4 pages depending on the type of design service people choose. They’re jam packed full of information and detail, functioning as a guide for people to work from to implement the design themselves, or to pass onto contractors to do so.


When we do full site designs we pull out all stops and create a tailored manual for people’s home. This is an A3, laminated (so it can hang out in the garden and get messy) bound ‘book’ which provides thorough plant lists, water maps, budgets, timelines of implementation and more.



On some extra fun jobs, we partner with local building designer, Jane Hilliard from Designful. She designs the houses/structures and we do the landscapes – it’s the ultimate package, designing both the house and land to create a truly integrated, sustainable home. We can’t get enough of this type of design job – it’s incredibly satisfying as a designer to see people think and live in ‘whole systems’.

Final Design-Pip Version.1

And for people who just need a bit of support, or a nudge in the right direction we do Foundation Designs. sadie

A real joy and challenge as a permaculture designer is finding the solution/s to the vast range of ‘problems’ that present themselves when working with landscapes and people. At the end of the day, there is always a solution – and often more than one!

Do we really do all the designs by hand??

Yup, computer programs and me aren’t best friends. We do create our base maps using free software, Inkscape (read about how to do this here)- otherwise it’s just pen, pencil and water colour, we like a bit of ‘old school’. We also pop it into photoshop to write all the tex as my handwriting isn’t amazing.

Do we implement our designs?

We haven’t in the past as we’re pretty full and busy, so simply connect people with the professionals who can do it or support clients to give it a go themselves (whatever is appropriate for the context). However, we’re now looking to start offering implementation as an extension of our design services. So if you’re keen to have the whole sh-bang, just ask us and we can talk details.

Want to learn how to be a permaculture designer?

Find out when our next Permaculture Design Course is here. 

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  1. Sam Ali

    Hi Hanna

    Can you please let me know whether you will be available to design my propert backyard in February 2016?


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