Crowdsourcing Photos For My New Book!

Dec 9, 2022

Hi Friends,

I’m in the process of writing my second book about how to grow food in any climate in Australia (due out late 2023 with Affirm Press). As it’s covering the whole, vast country I would so very dearly love to include photos of edible gardens in different climates to show folks what’s possible across Australia. So if you’re an edible gardener and live in central Australia (arid climate), the wet/dry tropics, subtropics, warm or Mediterranean temperate regions I would love to here from you!

The photos need to be as high quality as possible – ideally high resolution with 300 dpi. If this means nothing to you, just send through your best quality and I’ll see if it can work. Please email through to and include some general info outlined below.

  • Your name.
  • The area where you live and grow.
  • A brief description of what’s happening in the photo/s.
  • The person who took the photo (if not you) for photo credit in the book.

SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. Enormous thanks to the hundreds of people who sent photos in – I’m happily overwhelmed. 

What do you get in exchange? Great question, sadly there’s no budget to pay for these photos – so I’m offering a trade :-). For any chosen photos I’ll send you a thank you pack, this will include a copy of my existing book and a range of my educational tea towels.

It’s such an exciting thought that we could work together to make this happen – just imagine! Thanks in advance :-).

your thoughts:


  1. Jo-Ann keil

    Would love to send some of my garden patch here in Brisbane .

  2. Sunny Chapple

    Happy to seed some pics of my seasonal garden!

  3. Brendan Welsh

    Hi, feel free to have a look at my Facebook page. There is a few hundred photos of our vegetable garden. We are in the hills outside Melbourne so we get cold winters and very hot summers. We run a gardening business so there is also some business photos which you can ignore. Cheers Brendan

  4. Maggie

    We grew a very successful vegetable garden in central Queensland – Emerald. When I say we – it was really all the love and toil from my husband Steven. We are not there now, but have amazing photo’s of what we achieved including a big chicken coup with 6 girls etc..
    Let me know if the past is suitable.
    Love Maggie

  5. Emma Parry

    Gday Hannah, we live a life somewhat similar I think to what you and your family do. We are in Central qld in very hot subtropics.
    Please have a look at our website or Facebook page – garden on Glenora. Any images you see you are more then welcome to use. If there’s anything you see that you would like us to take a better photo or higher resolution let us know and we would be more then happy to help out.
    Keep doing the great things you are doing,

    Anyway we can help, welcome to call me -0409962833

    Thanks Hannah,

  6. Kate Roz

    Hi! My name is Kate, I live in Cadell, which is beyond the Goyder line in South Australia. Some maps say its temperature however it feels quite arid to me😆. I have a small vegetable garden mainly raised beds as the soil is red sand here naturally. If you are interested I would be happy to send through some pictures

  7. Laura

    Email sent wet/dry tropics, WA!

  8. Burlene

    Hi burlene here
    I’m warm temperate zone
    Been growing veg in a rented property for ten years
    Have heavy clay soil but have amended
    And grow roses
    Vegetables and leafy veg ,herbs ,citrus ,pomegranates ,
    Pests are fruit fly ,birds
    Use insect netting for protection certain times of year .
    I’m a 67 year pensioner and grow turmeric and ginger for my ailments
    Chilli for pain haha
    I eat from my garden

  9. Sharon Redmond


    I’d be happy to share photos of my garden set up in South East Qld, which includes my composters (neighbours drop off their food scraps), chickens, and is totally possum proof too. All in raised gardens within a huge cage. But i’m not sure where/how to attach the pics?

  10. Judy drake

    Hey Hannah, I’d love to give you photos of my garden. I’m in lochiel, far south coast of NSW. Almost everything is edible or useful.
    I’ll send you some pics tomorrow once my good buzz wine wears off ( ps growing my own wine too in my mini vineyard AKA Minyard).
    Xx Jude

  11. Julie

    Would love to send some photos
    Cardup 6122
    South east of Perth wa
    Temperate/arid climate
    Hot easterly winds in summer
    Very trying haha

  12. Susan Jane Whitbread

    Hi Hannah, I have tried to send some photos, but our internet was playing up so not sure if you will get many of the same email or none best of luck with your book
    Sue Whitbread

  13. Sheila Marshall

    Hi, my name is Sheila Marshall and I have a permaculture demonstration garden in St George, QLD, 600 km west of Brisbane. My climate is semi arid.
    Here is the link to my FB page, see if this is something you would like to include and I will take the required photos, here is the link

    In case the link does not work, the FB page is called ‘Permaculture Practitioner St George QLD
    Good luck with the book



  14. Flavia

    Hey Hannah. I just sent you a few photos and some info by email.


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