Come for a tour of a few of our small food forests to learn what they are, the plants we’ve included and how they play a key role in our steep landscape.

This is the 11th video in our Good Life For All series. Each Monday I’ll pop up a video to help inspire folks in building climate resilience for their homes and communities.

How can food forests help build climate resilience?

Two key ways are…

  1. Food forests are perennial plant systems. Perennial landscapes have minimal disturbance to the soil and have abundant soil cover with a diverse range of plants. Overall, perennial landscapes are more stable and on a large scale can help store significant amounts of carbon in the ground. Great for countering the climate emergency.
  2. When it comes to food production, once established perennial food systems like food forests can produce more crops with less inputs for longer amounts of time. This is highly useful to build resilience into our food production patterns.

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