When it comes to energy efficient hacks, the humble hot box is as simple as it gets.

The hot box is exactly what it sounds like, and is how you can cook quite a lot of your food after being initially heated on the stove for a short time. But why bother?

Australian households are responsible for around 20% of our country’s greenhouse gas emissions – quite significant. And while we desperately need big industry and government to lead the way in slashing emissions, we can still do our bit in our own context as well. Including in your kitchen.

Source – Your Home

To get hot boxing, bring your dish of choice to the boil – this could be rice, veggie stew, anything. Once it’s boiled, turn off the heat and place it in an insulated box where it will continue to cook in its own heat. You can then walk away and go about your own business until you’re ready to eat! I love this method as (a) you’ll never burn rice again and (b) it saves you time and (c) reduces the amount of energy you use. So many wins!

You can see a basic diagram I’ve drawn (from my book) on how it works below and can also watch the full process over here on your Good Life For All youtube series. Enjoy!