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Gardening Australia

Hannah Moloney is the lutruwita/Tasmanian host for ABC TV’s Gardening Australia and she is very delighted by this. You can tune in every Friday night 7:30pm to watch or any time you like on ABC iview.


 The Good Life: How to Grow a Better World (2021) is all about how to live a good life in the face of the climate emergency. I share my personal story of activism and step folks through individual and collective climate actions. While it includes some gardening know-how, it’s not a gardening book. BUT my more recent book Good Life Growing (2023) is all about how to grow fruit and veg anywhere in Australia. It’s the type of book that you’ll reach for to get all the info AND inspiration you need to get growing! 

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Short workshops giving you the knowledge and hands on skills to get you living the good life.
Whether you want to learn about composting, growing food or permaculture design, we’ve got the goods for you!

community projects

Our first love is working with our community groups, organisations and local Government to create and implement projects all about living meaningfully towards sustainability and climate resilience

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hands in soil

landscape design

Permaculture design that creates resilient and regenerative
landscapes and lives.
(Please note, we’ve closed our books while we work with existing clients and on other fun projects.)

Educational Tea Towels!

Organic tea towels that teach you useful skills while you dry the dishes or wrap up a batch of warm scones. Educational, beautiful *and* useful; so multi-functional (how permaculture)!

two people sit side by side holding their hands
hands in soil

Printable Posters

Based on our organic tea towels, we thought, why not let you print your own posters to decorate your walls!

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good life blog

Here you’ll find super useful and inspiring articles that teach you all sorts of useful things, this is the place where we share our thoughts on gardening, community, design, food and more.

two people sit side by side holding their hands
hands in soil

youtube gardening

This youtube channel started with the Crisis Gardening series inspired by Covid and now it’s transitioned into a resource to help folks learn how to grow a better world for all. Thanks for joining me – watch this space for things to unfold 🙂

newsletter of goodness

Stay in touch by signing up to our monthly’ish hit of permaculture goodness which sometimes includes a surprise giveaway or two.

who is good life?

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G’day, I’m Hannah!

While Good Life includes a moving feast of talented contractors, it’s mostly just me – Hannah.

I live in nipaluna/Hobart where you’ll find me working across many areas including being the lutruwita/Tasmanian host for ABC TV’s Gardening Australia (dream gig), a permaculture educator, community worker, designer and best-selling author. I’ve spent the past two decades getting my hands dirty in the garden, with community change projects, political and front line activism. You can also find me having a crack at playing the ukulele, trying to master the ever-elusive chin up, plaiting my daughter’s hair and hugging my

read on below to learn more about what keeps my hands busy and heart full…

about Good Life Permaculture…

We’re all about education, community and design that helps create good lives and landscapes.

You’ll find us working across lutruwita/Tasmania on a broad range of projects in this area and collaborating with others to make good things happen.

Our approach to life is centred around the concept of radical homemaking, advocating for climate justice and fostering joy, fun and love in the process.

two people sit side by side holding their hands

what is permaculture?

Permaculture is a holistic design framework that mimics nature to help create sustainable human settlements and preserve or restore ecosystem health.

Permaculture is solution-based activism, which is why I’ve adopted it so strongly in my work and life. It’s one thing to identify things you don’t like in the world, but it’s even better if you can be part of the solution. Permaculture can help identify, support or craft solutions for any context with people care, earth care and fair share at its heart.

Founded in the 1970s by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in lutruwita/Tasmania. It’s based on ethics and principles that act as a strong checklist for folks to make sure you’re on the right track. You can hear David Holmgren provide a great introduction to them in this short youtube clip, listen to Hannah talk to Pip Permaculture Magazine about “what is permaculture” and explore the concept of queering permaculture here.

our home…

bright pink house on hillside surrounded by gardens

Our home and garden is less than 3kms from Hobart city, just under 1 acre and is a hub of productivity. While we grow a huge amount of food we don’t sell produce commercially, rather it’s for our own use and to share with friends and our community.

The backstory: We moved onto 1300 square metres of land in early 2013 and promptly filled it with our mixed fruit orchard, edible forest gardens, veggies, ducks, chooks and honey bees. In 2016 we bought the neighbouring weed block which means our property is now just under 1 acre. Since then, we’ve expanded our gardens, chicken systems and have had milking goats for a fair chunk of that time.

Around 95% of our property is filled with perennial plants that last many years with the remaining 5% in a quick-growing annual vegetable garden. The perennials help stabilise our steep slope, improve soil health and create ecosystem stability. We love living and gardening on muwinina country.