Making your own yoghurt doesn’t have to involve buying new machines/gear. It just involves your existing pots and pans, time and some mature yoghurt to get the party started!

The latest video in our Good Life For All series shows you exactly how – I love making these little videos as a way to support people to build home and community resilience – especially in the face of the climate emergency.

How does making yoghurt build climate resilience?

  • In times of disruption (i.e. covid, climate change), food outlets have approximately only 4 – 7 days of food stocked on their shelves. When we learn more skills around how to make some of our own food, we become less dependent on shops to provide it to us.
  • Making your own yoghurt can help prevent food waste. You can make yoghurt from slightly sour milk which you’d normally avoid eating. The more we eliminate food waste the better… In Australia alone, around 40% of landfill is pure food waste. Once there, it’s buried and compacted with mixed waste where it becomes anaerobic and produces methane gases. A toxic gas which is up to 25 x more harmful than Carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Making yoghurt can contribute with resource resilience, i.e saving some $$$ and reduce the amount of plastic being used in your home.

You can watch all about it below and also read an older blog I wrote about it here.

BUT FIRST: I made a significant typo in the vid captions. When I talk about heating the milk, it should say 80 degrees Celsius (not Fahrenheit). Sorry! I blame it on late night editing!

This is the 10th video in our Good Life For All series. Each Monday I’ll pop up a video to help inspire folks in building climate resilience for their homes and communities.