Some exciting news!

I wrote a book, it’s arriving in bookstores on August 31st and is now available for pre-order here. 

The Good Life: How To Grow A Better World is all about how to live a good life in the face of the climate emergency. 

From growing your own food to composting, building a rocket stove to car sharing, this book is centred around showing people how living an ordinary life can make an extraordinary contribution to countering the climate emergency. Whether you have a large farm, a half-acre, a backyard, a tiny balcony or no balcony at all, there are tips and tricks to suit everyone.

I also want to say that writing this book was an incredible experience for me. It’s been a steep learning curve (to say the least) and also an exercise in vulnerability and backing myself. In a world which doesn’t always foster either of those things, I’m equal parts stoked and terrified to stretch myself – all to help grow a better world *for all*.

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