Nasturtium capers (aka poor man capers) is an easy (so easy) way for us folk in cool temperate climates to grow “pretend capers”, as the real ones need more heat than our climate can offer.

Eating local is an effective approach to tackling a range of environmental issues including food miles. Food miles tracks how many miles (or kilometres) your food’s travelled to reach your plate. The more miles, the more energy (more fossil fuels) is required in transportation. So instead of buying capers from the other side of the country or world, we make these punchy nasturtium capers – and we love them!

This is the 18th video in our Good Life For All series. I’m going to break from making these for a while over summer while I go camping, play with my daughter and garden. The occasional blog might pop up, but no promises!

PS – I had to film this mostly by myself – sorry about the sound/bumpiness etc. Good thing it doesn’t really matter :-).

More resources

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