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Winter Cropping: What to plant now (& how)

This blog and accompanying video is dedicated to folks in temperate/cool temperate climates, which is where we live. Right now it’s Autumn (late March) and we’re doing some of our last winter plantings to make sure we can eat for months to come. Here in cool temperate Tasmania we have very specific windows in which we can plant crops to make sure we can eat from our gardens all year round. If you miss the windows, you miss out on a good garden. Don’t miss the windows.

Due to covid-19, there are a lot of us at home right now and a lot of us are wondering how to secure reliable fresh food for months to come. Ideally you’d grow some of it yourself. Our latest video shows how you can do just this,  you can check it out here.

Crops to plant now for winter eating (and beyond)

DS = Direct sewing and T = transplanting

  • Carrots – DS
  • Beetroots – DS
  • Parsnip – DS
  • Broad beans – DS
  • peas – DS
  • Asian greens – DS
  • Broccoli – T
  • Kale – T
  • Cauliflower – T
  • Celery – T
  • Lettuce – T
  • Leeks – T

Other quick growing crops people can plant now FOR MOST CLIMATES can be seen on our last  video and accompanying blog we did last week here.

Are you in a warmer climate?

For people in warmer climates (i.e. subtropical) check out Robyn Francis’s planting guide.

The key thing to remember

Is that there’s always something you can be planting or doing in a  temperate or cool temperate climate – always. To help you – check out Peter Cundall’s planting guide to help you know what to plant and when for Tasmania and other temperate areas.

Good luck – have fun and just know that gardens are incredibly forgiving, so if it doesn’t work out on your first go, be sure to keep going back for another crack!


4 Responses to “Winter Cropping: What to plant now (& how)”

  1. Meryn

    Hi there,
    I have enjoyed watching your inspiring videos!
    I was just wondering whether you feel it is too late to sow broccoli and cauliflower from seed in southern Victoria? I am finding “sow what when” type guides for my region quite conflicting, some suggest that it is fine, in fact the ideal time to sow these seeds now, others suggest that these seeds should have been planted months ago and only transplanted into the garden now. I would love to hear your thoughts on this conflicting information!
    Also I was wondering whether you soak your pea and broad bean seeds prior to planting?
    Many thanks 🙂

    • Hannah Moloney

      For super accurate advice, call your local nursery. It’s too late here in Tasmania :-). And no, I don’t soak my pea/beans seeds. Cheers

  2. Deborah

    Hi, have created a communal vegie garden at the back of our unit block which faces west. I found tomatoes grew over summer but nothing else, even the parsley died. Please give me some advice as to how much sun is needed. Im thinking of moving the vegie patch to the eastern wall where it will catch some northern sun and western sun.


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