New Life & New Love

And here she is. Our little baby girl, Frida Maria Vikstrom, who isn’t actually so little, weighing 4.9kg (10 pounds, 13 ounces) and being 57cm long.

IMG_2067She has cheeks worth writing home about…


Rather impressively large hands, feet and belly….

IMG_2072And a gentle, gorgeous vibe which has claimed our hearts and gotten us all stuck for words. But in summary, we’re overwhelmed with the specialness of these precious moments.

So to make the most of them – to fully savor them, we’re taking some time off work for the next month’ish while we immerse ourselves in our new housemate and learn her ways. We’ll go a bit quiet on this blog – however, we will be back in force and of course you can still reach us through email with any questions though, so don’t be strangers.

Here’s to new life and new love x x x.

15 Responses to “New Life & New Love”

  1. Jess and Tom

    So so so gorgeous…enjoy the precious time with your little one.

  2. Kathy

    Congratulations! She’s a gorgeous baby, who in time might even help mum harvest one branch higher!

  3. Celia

    She is so very, very beautiful! Welcome to the wonderful world little one xx

  4. Robyn and Andrew

    Congratulations! We are so happy for you – she is beautiful, and looks so peaceful, I think she’s on to something. But then, she’s been organically sown and grown….Enjoy! xx

  5. Kathleen McCann

    Congratulations to you all…how lovely to have a new life for yourselves…welcome to the permie world little one! Much love to you Hannah and family and huge hugs for you all, Kathleen…skaweeelin with delight! xxxx

  6. Geoff Dugan

    She is simply beautiful! Welcome to the world little one and beautifully done Hannah and Anton. The images radiate bliss.

  7. Julie

    OMG she’s perfect! Looks like one of those little china dolls that Franklin Mint put out. Only infinitely more precious.
    Looking forward to meeting her at APC12 🙂


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