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Hot Composting Video

If you’ve got lots of bulk organic matter in your garden, then hot composting is for you. It’s a great way to process large amounts of material to cycle it back into your landscape to improve soil health and ultimately, grow more food.  You can watch our latest covid-19 Crisis Gardening video to see how we do it in our own garden here.

Additional hot composting resources we’ve created over time include:

In conclusion, compost (in its many shapes and forms) is an essential part of living a good life. Whether you’re doing it in your backyard, community space or your local Council’s facilitating it for/with you – get into it. There’s nothing more satisfying than turning all that comfrey and spoiled straw you can see below into dark brown nutritious compost for our garden!

2 Responses to “Hot Composting Video”

  1. Annie

    Hi Hannah and Fam. Love the videos. You’ve inspired me to have a go at hot composting 🙂

    Hopefully it works out. I’m a bit worried though because I used dried plane tree leaves as my carbon, which I have since learned take a long time to break down. I’m guessing that’s maybe why my compost is taking a long time to heat up?

    Just wondering if you have any little tips on what I could do to make up for my plane tree leaf situation.

    Keep up the great content, it’s an absolute joy 🙂

    • Hannah Moloney

      Hi Annie. Yes plane tree leaves take ages – for the future, it’s best to mulch them first (or at least manually chop/rip/scrunch them up). And/or blend them with other types of carbon if you can. If your pile’s not heating up currently, you might need to re-layer the whole thing and do what I said above and add a bit more nitrogen and water. Good luck!


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