This weekend just gone, around 200 farmers, gardeners, educators and advocates gathered in the very beautiful town of Gerringong (NSW) for two days and nights of talking, connecting, sharing and just generally being rad. I’ve returned home feeling *pumped* with renewed vigour and passion, here’s a little insight into this farming greatness.


Image from Milkwood

Part of the weekend involved hanging out at the very wonderful Buena Vista Farm – a family run farm that’s like nothing else. The people are out-of-this-world lovely and generous plus the land is fertile, looking over a coast line which most Aussies would love to live next to.


On this same patch of land, Linda Machon from Grow Farm Forage runs her independent market garden. It was all a bit dreamy. As you waltz through this space it’s easy to forget how much hard work goes into making and maintaining these food gardens. Full credit and respect to Linda for being so talented.




James from Hobart City Farm and Sadie from Fat Pig Farm from Tassie loving on Linda’s garden.


While the rows of veggies and flowers where super eye catching, Linda’s soil was even more glorious, this deep red gold is the stuff of dreams for growers.


Part of the absolute joy of these types of gigs is catching up with new and old friends, like Costa and fellow Tasmanians Jono Cooper and Paulette Whitney. Apologies for the dodgy photo above, just focus on the vibe – it’s all about the vibe.

And while it was awesome to spend time with committed and passionate growers and doers, coming home to a house full of love and a garden full of food always trumps everything. This week (and beyond) I’m feeling grateful to have a patch of land to grow our own and shape according to our beliefs and lives. What more could you really ask for…

Special thanks to Kirsten from Milkwood and Fiona and Adam from Buena Vista Farm for organising this fine event. I’m in love with all three of you!