We’re lucky to have a Source Community Wholefoods as our local food co-op in Hobart – it’s a beauty.


Built on university land by students and community members, it was born as a thought around 10 years ago and has been in operation for around 6.



The building is made from local timber, straw bales and clay light straw and the small community garden around it includes an espaliered apple orchard, pizza oven, vegetable garden and a stage for music gigs.



These days it functions as a food co-op, cafe, community garden, a meeting place and as a *kick-arse* catering enterprise, providing ethical, simple food with minimal packaging and serious yum factor. One of the key drivers for this enterprise is Lissa Villeneuve.

IMG_5931Lissa in the Source kitchen

Lissa has a long history with good food – growing it, cooking it and eating it – she’s a good one to have on your side when you need to feed many mouths.

IMG_5949Organic carrots heading for the oven

12814065_239328299734799_3736113899814905060_nPotato salad 11143101_239328066401489_1922842870526842006_oCucumber with minted beetroot

IMG_5941Bulk dry wholefoods at the Source food co-op

She sources wholesome fresh produce from both the food co-op and the community garden for her meals, meaning all food is generally in season, local and therefore at its best.


IMG_5943Grapes in the Source community garden *pumping*



IMG_5939Fresh produce sourced mostly from local farmers (bananas not included of course)…


The “truth window” inside the co-op where you can see the straw bales and some of the pictures showing the garden design (designed by me) and evolution of the space.

As well as catering for events, Source also do a great food stall for festivals and parties….

12778721_239329023068060_6826903074164236758_oDrea and Lissa at the Koonya Garlic Festival.

We regularly book in Source Catering for some of our workshops and events. They’re our number one choice as we have complete peace of mind knowing their food will be ethical, healthy and darn tasty every time. We’re lucky to have them – you can track them down and book them in here and by emailing Lissa at produce@sourcewholefoods.org.au.

12650946_10153941771839626_9110369626417763598_nA sweet gig taking place in the community garden