I wrote a book!

The Good Life: How To Grow A Better World is all about how to live a good life in the face of the climate emergency. 

Ready to order?

From growing your own food to composting, building a rocket stove, radical hope to car sharing, this book is centred around showing people how living an ordinary life can make an extraordinary contribution to countering the climate emergency.

Whether you have a large farm, a half-acre, a backyard, a tiny balcony or no balcony at all, there are tips and tricks to suit everyone. You can listen to me read a section of the book here. 

Just a heads up: This is not a gardening or permaculture book, it’s a book on climate action which includes elements of both, but so much more!

“Hannah makes my heart smile. Her honesty, insight and conviction are the building blocks of the good life” (Costa Georgiadis).