Super Soils & Compost Workshop – March 23rd

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Learn how to build super soil and delicious compost to improve the quality and yield of your home grown food!

March 23, 9am – 4pm

You might have heard that “good soil” is essential to a thriving, resilient garden, but what is “good soil” and how do we make it? We’re partnering with Fat Pig Farm to bring you a jam-packed day where we introduce you to Soil Skills for Happy Veggies – Join us to learn how to improve your food-growing, with skills that you’ll have for the rest of your life.


  • Soil: If you want to grow good food, you’re going to need to know about soil – this is the key to nutritious food production. We’ll introduce you to the soil food web and explore a range of soil preparation methods for different contexts.
  • Improving soil fertility: We’ll look at a range of DIY techniques you can create at home to improve your soil and plant health.
  • Compost: We’ll dive into the gorgeous galaxy of compost, including worm farms and liquid fertilisers.
  • Preparing a garden bed: Get hands-on experience in preparing your beds and soil for planting.


We’ve designed this workshop as an introduction for folks wanting to get started in growing their own food and for people looking for some extra guidance in refining their soils skills.


  • Full catering by Fat Pig Farm – it’s going to be delicious,
  • Recipes for compost, homemade liquid fertilisers and soil remediation to get you growing,
  • Some solid time in Fat Pig Farm’s market garden where you’ll see strategies you can apply to your small or large garden,
  • Extensive course notes on everything we cover over the weekend, and
  • Skills and knowledge useful for the rest of your life!

“Thank you for an incredible course – the teachers were so generous with their wisdom. It’s really given me the confidence to get into my garden and make great soil – I’ve already started my first hot compost, there’s no stopping me now!”


Fat Pig Farm will spoil you with food to fill your belly, warm your hearts and inspire you to grow your own. Think hearty soups filled with fresh veggies from the garden, Fat Pig Farm ham, plus cakes and scones inspired by summer’s preserves.

Fat Pig Farm is nestled in Glaziers Bay, 10 minutes from Cygnet and is home to Sadie Chrestman and Gourmet Farmer, Matthew Evans. As a working farm, they run a market garden, mixed fruit and nut orchards, chickens, bees, some milking cows and raise pigs. They also have a delightful restaurant, open for weekly lunches and occasional cooking workshops.


You’ll be provided with clear directions on how to get there prior to the course.


Nadia Danti brings years of market gardening experience and has travelled the world working with some of the best growers out there to learn the skills she needed. Nadia is passionate about soil health and understanding the ecosystem under our feet, as well as supporting people to connect to their local food system and empowering them to grow some of their own food in whatever sized space they have!


Sadie Chrestman: Together with Matthew, Sadie has developed Fat Pig Farm into the diverse, productive landscape it is today. With an enthusiasm that stuns, she has help create a market garden overflowing with delicious and nutritious food and healthy soils. Incredibly generous with her time and knowledge, all who learn from her are better off for it!


Matthew Evans is a happy farmer.  A chef by trade and host of his SBS TV series Gourmet Farmer plus a few documentaries, a prolific author and public speaker.  He’s an advocate for sustainable food and is a strong believer in knowing and trusting what you eat. Both Matthew and Sadie are big on community, on regenerating landscapes and biodiversity, and that all begins with the treatment of soil.




For folks travelling from afar – there are a wealth of local options for you to choose from with Airbnb or otherwise.


There is no refund available for this course. If you’re unable to make it we encourage you to pass your place onto friends or family – alternatively you’re welcome to put it towards one of our future courses.


Please note, this workshop will be run in accordance to Covid-19 guidelines recommended at the time. If you are unwell with flu like symptoms we ask you to please not attend the workshop – contact us beforehand to discuss options.

$250.00 including GST

In stock