As so many of us are now spending a lot more time in our homes due to Covid-19, we’re offering online consultations to support folks to transform their homes into productive powerhouses. In times of crisis, using the land we have to produce the food we need is one of the most sensible things we can do. It will save you money, provide food for your household and give you and your loved ones the resilience you need right now. We’re here to help. 

This is our way of providing you with meaningful hands on support while being hands off – together, yet apart. 

What’s an online consultation?

They’re a one hour consultation online or on the phone (whatever works for you) where you have at least one of us to answer all your questions to get you producing. It also includes relevant resources (that we’ll email through to you) to support you on your mission/s.

Common topics we can consult on include the following…

(But hit us up if you have something different, it’s likely we can still help)

  • How to grow food – everything from tiny urban gardens to commercial market gardening
  • Composting
  • Permaculture landscape design
  • Keeping chickens
  • Beekeeping
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Greywater diversion
  • Renewable energy (solar focused)
  • Compost toilets – making your own
  • Orchard establishment and maintenance.
  • Fermenting vegetables
  • Making cheese
  • Goat keeping
  • Foraging for food
  • Look, I could keep going but I think you get the idea – we know lots of hands-on skills and we can help you.

How much do they cost?

Each one hour session (and follow up email with resources) costs $120 (inc GST).

How can I book in?

To book in, click here and use the subject title “Online Consultation”

Crisis Gardening: Free videos

We’ve all started offering weekly free videos on how to garden in these times of crisis (and beyond). You can see them all for free here.