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Live Sauerkraut Demonstration With Sandor Katz!

The world is a big and interesting place full of uncertainty right now. Perhaps it always is – but we’re *all* just being personally impacted by it right now due to the global spread of coronavirus (covid-19). Because of this rapid spread, a lot of people are now choosing to self-isolate in their homes as a preventative measure for their own health and to help slow its spread, and we support them.

So much so, that this weekend we moved our “real-life” fermentation workshop and talk with Sandor Katz online to prevent any possible community transmission of covid-19. We were sad to do this, so much time, energy and love goes into planning these events. But we would be more sad if people got sick as a result of us not making this call. So in an effort to still deliver some Sandor fermentation greatness, we streamed a fermentation demonstration to the world via our kitchen. Thanks Sandor, you’re a gem.

You can watch it all below and find more information and resources (including his two books) at his website here. And please excuse the filming quality – it’s just me on my phone, standing in the corner of my kitchen – just focus on the content!

Live "Kraut-A-Thon" with Sandor Katz!

Posted by Good Life Permaculture on Saturday, 14 March 2020



8 Responses to “Live Sauerkraut Demonstration With Sandor Katz!”

  1. Ed Wykman

    Just finished watching. What a knowledgeable and personable man he is. Many thanks Sandor, simple, but comprehensive and inspiring explanation. And get camera work Hannah. Well done both of you.

  2. Rita

    Sandor does my style of fermenting. I learn to much. Thanks
    Sandor and Hannah.

  3. Yvonne M

    thank you Sandor, such an informative session and Hannah for the camera work

  4. Mona

    thank you for sharing this knowledge. I had stopped doing all my frements due to my kids having histamine reactions. I just started again, so I am very grateful for the timing and the information in this video. Thank you so much for sharing for free.


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