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2021 Home Harvest Garden Tour

March 6 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

One day, over ten edible urban gardens & you!

We’re thrilled to announce we’re working with Eat Well Tasmania and Sustainable Living Tasmania to hold the second annual “Home Harvest” garden tour in the Hobart municipality!  Special thanks to the City of Hobart for funding this great initiative.

Home Harvest is a one day event this Saturday March 6th, running across Hobart where productive gardens open their gates to the public so they can look, learn and get inspired to grow some of their own food.  Urban food production can happen anywhere and anytime. Whether you have a tiny courtyard, a sprawling backyard, are in a rental house or a family home; food gardening can be included to help build household resilience and personal health and wellbeing.

Bookings are essential!

Below are a list of the 12 gardens featured in Home Harvest. At the bottom of the page you can book into the gardens you’re keen to see. You’ll then receive a ticket which secures you a place.

What are the opening hours?

Most gardens will be open from 10am – 3pm. HOWEVER, a few gardens are only open at select times. Please take note of the ticket options which will provide this detail.

Garden addresses

You will receive the addresses for each garden with your ticket, plus any other relevant information for each site.

Looking after our community – COVID considerations

Different gardens have different limits on visitor numbers in keeping with COVID-19 guidelines. We ask that you stick to the time you selected on your ticket.

Each garden will have sanitiser and a visitor register at the entry. We want you to get inspired and stay well!


Take a note of the gardens you wish to visit below, then follow this link to book! Places are limited, and you will need to stick to ticket time you select. If you can no longer join us, please cancel your booking to make the ticket available to someone else.

The Gardens

Blue House Garden, South Hobart

Open from 10am – 1pm

The Wells family: Based loosely on permaculture principles, this garden contains mature and young trees, nuts and fruit, berries, herbs and vegetables in season and bees. chickens, goats, worms as well as ornamentals. It is a messy garden but very productive. “In 2016 – the last time we attempted to record our produce – we produced close to 400 kg of fruit, vegetables and honey and 300 plus eggs. We think we are probably exceeding that total now.”

Mountain Nest, South Hobart

Open from 10am – 2pm

Mountain Nest garden has a huge blueberry patch (200 plants!) large mixed garden and a medium-sized orchard. You will find vegetables, lots of berries, fruit trees, herbs and flowers.

No dogs are allowed on this site.

OUT OF THE BOX – Earth Arts Rights Patch, Mount Nelson

Open from 10am – 3pm

We have a large patch with two glasshouses, 12 raised boxes set up as wicking beds and seven chickens and 2 beehives. We are four friends on a shared property. Our Not for Profit, OUTSIDE THE BOX – Earth Arts Rights was formed to connect, amplify, nurture and support people working at the intersection of environmental protection, the arts and social justice.

Good Life Permaculture, South Hobart

Open 10am – 2pm

Good Life Permaculture’s garden is spread across approximately 3/4 acre less than 2.7kms from Hobart City. It includes two milking goats (Gerty and Jilly), chickens, honey bees, compost systems, veggie garden and large orchards. This garden is on a very, very steep property, so working with slope has been a key design consideration.

.Please note, the only access to this garden is via a very steep, uneven 100m staircase. 

Sulyn’s Garden, South Hobart

Open 10am – 1pm

Sulyn’s Garden is a tiny urban farm along the rivulet near Cascade Brewery in South Hobart which supplies local restaurants with just-picked herbs, annual and perennial vegetables, and a few tree fruits. Four goats keep the blackberry along the rivulet under control alongside a flock of free-range barnvelder and bantam Wyandotte hens. We’ve recently built a tiny Coolbot coolroom to help with refreshing and storing vegetables before delivery and people are welcome to view that as well.
The site is a sloping one with terraced beds and had heavy clay parent soil but nowadays it’s pretty friable and plant-friendly after 25 years of hot and cold composting, worm farming, and mulching with coffee grounds and woody waste.

Rob’s Garden, South Hobart

Open 10am – 1pm
Backing onto bushland, a part of this large back yard has been turned into a low cost and productive veggie garden. With terraced garden beds to make the most of the sloping site, this garden specialises in edible greens.

Wendy’s Garden, Sandy Bay

Open 10pm – 3pm

The garden evolved around established fruit trees including a fig and walnut, with additional plantings including evergreens (citrus, feijoa, olive, avocado, passion fruit) for winter interest and bands of roses for colour. Food garden beds are patterned around the trees. A boundary adjustment added another fig and allowed more fruit trees and a large vegetable patch and berry cage. Prunings and waste are composted. Drip irrigation, minimal digging, meticulous weed removal, foliar feeding and living mulches are employed. Pests include blackbirds (netting needed), cockatoos (hosed off to deter), rats (trapped) and codling and oriental fruit moths (biological control virus spray).

Elsje’s Garden, West Hobart

Open 11am – 3pm

Elsje’s garden is on an urban block, with an enclosed birdwire cage for raspberries, blueberries and black currants. There are three tiers of open garden with herbs, pak choy, celery, tomatoes. A large quince tree and frog pond. Recent additions to the garden include a  grapevine, rhubarb, espalier dwarf apricot, peacherine and Cox pippin apple and plum trees. While she’s spent 20 years improving the soil, she feels garden is still in it’s early days, and she’s always learning!

Please note, this garden is accessed by walking down a steep driveway, but there might be a cup of tea and some take-home goodies!

Tim & Charley’s “The Plot”, South Hobart

Open 10am – 3pm

Tim and Charley co-manage a medium-sized ‘front lawn’ garden on a local family’s property. This summer the garden has mostly been dedicated to tomatoes. They use this family’s lawn due to the insecurities of living in a sharehouse and wanting a more permanent garden space.

“Growing on another person’s property is a great way to make friends and stimulate the interest of local residents!”

Gaby’s House, South Hobart

Open 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 3pm

“My garden is mainly a food productive garden, I have fruit trees, berries, a large asparagus bed, composting and worm bins. I like to experiment with food plants that are not normally grown like sweet potatoes, purslane, some indigenous plants , some edible weeds. I grow lots of herbs that I cut and supply a market stall with. I have oregano, marjoram, curry leaf, several thymes, chives, mints etc. Also have a small hothouse where I grow a small banana plant, pineapple and some date plant seedlings for fun.”

Visitors need to wear flat shoes and be surefooted as the property is steep and uneven.

Belinda’s House, Dynnyrne

Open 10am – 12pm

A 600m2 fenced & netted food jungle. Ducks, chooks, 40+ fruit trees, nuts, berries, veggies, avocados, herbs & bees!

The property is on a steeply sloping block, and is accessed by walking up a steep driveway.



Ana’s Rental House, Glebe

Open 10am – 3pm

Trying to wrap your head around setting up a productive garden in your rental? This small block in Glebe is growing tomatoes, tomatillos, blueberries, strawberries, young berries, beans, sunflowers, passion fruit, lemons, limes, herbs, leafy greens and there are chickens. And it has all been achieved in just two growing seasons.


BOOK Your Tickets

Take a note of the gardens you wish to visit below, then follow this link to book! Places are limited, and you will need to stick to ticket time you select. If you can no longer join us, please cancel your booking to make the ticket available to someone else.



March 6
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
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