School & Community Gardens

 Establishing a school or community garden is a multilayered process encompassing both people and landscapes. We bring extensive hands-on experience in designing, implementing and managing productive school and community gardens. See some of our past designs here.

community gardening

We’re able to step you through the following and, if desired, facilitate the implementation of the garden as well.

•    Conduct community consultations with relevant stakeholders.
•    Explore funding opportunities to support the development of your garden.
•    Establish management structures and systems to support a diverse range of people being involved in the garden.
•    Design the garden: This can happen on a range of scales as outlined in our Private Property Design options or be tailored to the needs of your community.
•    Manage and facilitate the implementation of the garden.

*For an accurate quote please contact us so we can gauge the scope and scale of your project and tailor it to your situation.

Design Implementation

We have a rather amazing network of like-minded contractors who we can draw on to organise the implementation of your permaculture design. The timing and fee structure for this can be tailored to your budget and staged over a period of time or completed in one swift swoop. To discuss this option, please contact us for further exploration.