We deliver sustainable design to more than just your landscape. We can also design energy systems for your home, business or community venture.


The Good Life team has experience in designing and developing renewable energy opportunities and in solar passive design. We can:

  • Identify and assess renewable energy opportunities including solar.
  • Design and/or recommend PV, hot water, micro hydro and wind for the right context.
  • Optimise your solar PV system for economic and environmental outcomes.
  • Look at your home and work out the best ways to improve it to be warm, comfortable and eco-friendly.

Contact us to discuss how we can incorporate this into your home or landscape.

Your Designer

Anton Vikstrom has over a decade’s experiencing designing and delivering renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Australia and Overseas.

He was the project Manager for the Alternative Technology Associations International Projects Group and Energy Program Manager at Sustainable Living Tasmania.