Hunting for a home of your own? We can help find the perfect property for you. We work with people to identify and analyse properties that suit their needs ensuring the purchase they make is the right one.


Tasmania is a little island with a diverse landscape. Each area, indeed each hill and valley has its own aspect and peculiarities that make it unique. As permaculture landscape designers we understand this island, and what makes each property unique, such as:

  • Soil types and their characteristics,
  • Local climate and its impacts on potential production,
  • Aspect and slope and the development of great microclimates,
  • Schools and community facilities, and
  • Potential climate change impacts in each region.

In addition to this we understand local councils, economic potential of land, travel times, government services, wind exposure and more. We can lend our experience to your home hunt so that you can make one of the biggest decisions of your life with confidence.

Just so you know, we partner and work for you only and do not take commissions or incentives from any agents or other providers.