We recommend the Full Site Design to people looking to create a productive landscape from scratch or are adapting an existing property and require a tailored design and manual to guide them through this process. The work done in this design option sets clients up for a successful and smooth process of creating drawings and documents for council approvals, obtaining landscaping quotes or gives you everything you need to implement the design yourself.


See a sample of our design projects here. 

Client’s receive

  • A vision statement which encapsulates your dreams and aspirations for your property,
  • A thorough list of networks, organisations and relevant businesses to source information, skills and resources from.
  • A site analysis diagram, showing slope, winter and summer sun angles and prevailing winds,
  • A detailed, coloured hand drawn design plan,
  • An overall water and irrigation schematic*, and
  • A 20+ page design report including all the above plus:
    • Detailed plant lists and planting plan,
    • Detail for key design elements (this is generally the bulk of the report),
    • Relevant contractors that may be able to help implement your design,
    • Other relevant information.

The design report is essentially a manual tailored specifically to the permaculture-based transformation of your property.

* Optional extra services we offer include:

  • A detailed water and irrigation plan,
  • Site survey – often required for accurate designs to be completed, and
  • Soil testing and analysis.

What’s the process?

  • Residents complete a pre-visit questionnaire via email, this provides us with good insight into you, your lifestyle and home.
  • We develop an accurately scaled base map. If you have existing property plans we can use these as part of this process. While onsite we will make needed measurements and adjustments to ensure the base plan is correctly scaled.
  • A 2 – 5+ hour site visit takes place which includes;

    • Approximately 1 hour meeting with residents,
    • 1 – 4 hour solo walk to conduct site assessment and analysis,
    • 40mts – discuss concept ideas and possibilities and options and agree on the design direction.
    • Offsite, we create one black and white draft concept sketch and provide this to the clients via email for feedback which informs the final design. Please note, this is restricted to only one design sketch.
    • We develop a final concept design, send it via email and talk you through it over the phone (or email) to ensure you understand everything. If we are in the same geographical region a site visit may be arranged for this final meeting.
    • If appropriate and required, we organise follow up phone meetings to provide insight and clarification into the design. Please note, this is not an open ended offer, an agreed time frame (or amount of meetings) will be provided.
    • We also post you the design and report as a laminated A3 manual for you to refer to out in your garden or farm.

Design fee

  • To organise a quote for your property contact us today.
  • Travel free: $50 per hour to get to and from your site outside the Hobart municipality.

Design implementation

We can facilitate and manage the garden implementation for you. We work with like-minded contractors who bring a range of skills including building and structural landscaping. The timing and fee structure for this can be tailored to your budget and staged over a period of time or completed in one swift swoop. To discuss this option please contact us.