This design option is recommended for people who need a clear and basic design of what’s possible for their site, a thorough list of resources and networks they can access to help their bring their design to life.

Clients receive

  • A black and white, to scale permaculture design,
  • A report 5-10 pages long with relevant detailed information,
  • A thorough list of resources and networks to support the client, and
  • One follow up phone conversation about the design concept if needed.

An example of a Foundation Design

What’s the process?

  • Residents complete a pre-visit questionnaire via email which provides us with good insight into you, your lifestyle and home.
  • We gather some basic site information via internet sources and develop a to scale base map. If you have existing property maps we can work from these instead.
  • Two – four hour visit to your property consisting of:
    • Approximately 30 minute meeting with resident/s.
    • A basic vision statement is drafted – this provides a clear vision for where you’re heading with your property.
    • Approximately 1-2 hour solo walk around the property where rough hand drawn, non-colour and not to scale sketches are drawn.
    • 30- 40mts: Walk back over the property with resident/s and talk through all design concepts. Ideas are revised and refined throughout this process until a clear concept is established.
    • Back at home, we’ll draw up the design to scale, in black and white, compile the report and email it all through to you.

Please note, detail around plant varieties, building or landscaping materials are not provided as part of this design option.

Design Fee

  • $1000 for properties under 1 acre and $1500 for properties 1 acre and over, plus GST.
  • Please note, for really large or unique/tricky properties, this fee may change, contact us for an accurate quote.
  • We also have a travel free of $50 per hour to get to and from your site.

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