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What our clients had to say...

Good Life Permaculture were great to work with. They were sensitive and flexible, and adapted to our unique needs and situation. They were professional, prompt and produced a great quality design the community was very impressed and happy with.

Andrew Doube, Mission Australia

Nestled between the primary school and the Child and Family Centre, this garden is surrounded by an active community. We worked closely with Mission Australia and the Clarendon Vale community to create this design that’s focused on developing this community garden to be deeply reflective of the people living in this neighbourhood.

Their vision statement* is;


Our garden is a welcoming, vibrant, productive and innovative space, which is nurtured by the community. It provides an environment for a range of educational and social activities. It offers the essence of earthly connection and community with places to gather and a whole garden to dream in. This place is a labor of love and sustains love.

Special features include a pizza oven with a pergola which grape vines will grow up and over, lockable timber tool chests that double as seats, a windbreak using native plants some of which are local bush tucker plants, a bridge built from rocks and raised wicking beds including some designed specifically for people using wheelchairs. It also has a giant chest board that doubles as a stage for performances!

*A vision statement is a present tense paragraph that aims to capture what the clients are looking to achieve with their land. It’s written in present tense so it feels more real – this helps clarify where they’re heading. If it doesn’t sound or feel right, we change it until it does.

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