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Sustainability Educator’s Master Class

Join two of Australia’s leading environmental educators for a hands-on train-the-trainer experience. This masterclass is designed to build the skills and confidence of anyone working with groups in the realms of sustainability and environmental adult education. You’ll learn how to design and deliver effective, fun and meaningful classes that inspire action.

Who should attend?

Designers, trainers and coordinators of formal and informal adult education, including but not limited to: Local government community development, health and wellbeing, environmental engagement and sustainability officers, not-for-profit educators, permaculture teachers, community group leaders and change agents. The course is suitable for beginner to intermediate educators.

What to expect?

This is not a ‘sit back and listen’ course. You will practice teaching skills every day in a safe, supportive and fun learning environment, and receive personalised constructive feedback to ensure you leave with skills applicable to the real world. The program will cover:

  • Principles of adult learning and teaching ethics
  • Developing learning goals and outcomes, and session plans that balance these with time constraints
  • How and when to use different teaching methods – group discussions, demonstrations, interactive workshops, lectures and more
  • Tailoring content and style to your learners, including tips on working with CALD communities and people with special needs
  • The art of asking questions to draw out the experiences of your group
  • Effective and engaging use of Powerpoint (it’s possible!)
  • Managing challenging participants and classroom situations


Your trainers


Hannah Moloney is a permaculture and sustainability educator with over eight years experience in adult education. She’s designed and delivered countless workshops to hundreds of students from broad backgrounds, including the two-week intensive permaculture design course. As director of Good Life Permaculture she was awarded the 2015 Tasmanian Young Landcare Leader Award for her work in educating and mobilising people around environmental and sustainability issues related to land management. Hannah regularly teaches alongside some of the most renowned permaculture and sustainability educators including David Holmgren, Dave JackeMilkwood and Rosemary Morrow.



untitled-design-18Kat Lavers has a breadth of training experience that spans a decade and includes local residents, primary and secondary kids, university lecturers, government staff, Karen refugees and even Mongolian nomadic herders. She is a Primary Trainer for Monash University’s multi-award winning Green Steps environmental change management program, where she was also responsible for developing the training package and mentoring new trainers across Australia and Malaysia. She currently manages the My Smart Garden sustainable gardening education program for Hobsons Bay City Council, and is a sought after freelance presenter, trainer and facilitator..

Included in your course fee

  • Delicious and nutritious morning and afternoon tea each day.
  • Comprehensive student notes.
  • Strong networks to draw on for the rest of your life.


Full Scholarship on offer!

We’re offering one full scholarship to someone who needs it to attend this course. To apply, simply click here and complete the questions. Please note, applications close on April 30th.


“Hannah’s devotion and skill as an educator is obvious to anyone who’s had the privilege of being her student. Her infectious enthusiasm and deft application of a suite of educational, group facilitation, and individual reflection techniques rapidly builds and nurtures a trusting team environment, keeps students actively engaged, draws out and shares the group’s diverse knowledge, ensures no one is left behind, and embeds lessons deep in student’s minds.” Todd Houstein, CEO Sustainable Living Tasmania. 

“Kat is a talented, bright and connected facilitator. She brings a balance of preparation and openness to her work – and draws on years of practical experience in environmental sustainability. I’m happy to recommend her work, and often do.” Matt Wicking, Centre for Sustainability Leadership.

“I have been delighted to teach with Hannah on several occasions. I’m constantly impressed with her ability to get the best from the class and yet work with information and content which is challenging. Hannah’s manner is encouraging and open so students enjoy interacting with her. She uses a fine range of teaching aids and methods in presenting material and I suspect students don’t even know they’re being taught. As a co-teacher with her, I see her seamlessly move with classes and content to meet the needs of all learners. As with all good teachers, Hannah’s knowledge and grasp of environmental content is extensive.” Rosemary Morrow: Internationally renowned permaculture teacher and author of Earth User’s Guide to Teaching Permaculture and Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture.

“It seemed to flow really well and people loved the info. You’ve totally nailed the balance of making it a very participatory workshop without participants actually taking over so you’re able to keep them on track. What an awesome skill!!” Liz Turner, Hume City Council

“As a facilitator of adult learners, I often sit and think “oh no, don’t do that!” Hannah you gorgeous thing, it didn’t happen once – you’re perfect!” Shani Graham, Ecoburbia. 

“Kat brings both fun and focus to her training by going deeply into discussions and drawing out the experiences of participants, while still managing the nuts and bolts of training – such as good structure and timing. Her style is relaxed yet professional and is backed up by a high degree of planning and organisation that ensures she responds to the needs of her group. She’s also a skilled mentor who has helped many new trainers find their feet in the role.” Mark Boulet, BehaviourWorks Australia


Cancellation policy

Please note, that there are no refunds available for this course. If you’re unable to attend, we invite you to pass your place on to someone else within your networks.

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Permaculture Teacher Training

*This workshop is being hosted by Milkwood Permaculture*

Join Hannah Moloney, Brendan Morse, Nick Ritar + Rosemary Morrow for seven days of intensive permaculture teacher training that will change the way you think about education, and enable you to take action towards a permaculture teaching career.

Permaculture teacher training can build your ability to empower others with life-changing skills. Learn how to pass on knowledge of permaculture theory and practice in a way that creates real change within your students, and activates entire communities.

You can read all about it and book your place by clicking here.


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Permaculture Teacher Training with Rosemary Morrow

Join internationally renowned permaculture teacher, Rosemary (Rowe) Morrow for 6 days of intensive training that will provide you with an enviable toolkit to use in the classroom and life in general.  Whether you’re already a teacher, or thinking of becoming one, this course is designed to turn teaching into a transformative and fun exchange. Classrooms (indoor and outdoor) will never be the same again.

You will walk away from this course being able to communicate clearly and confidently with a group of people.  And you’ll join a learning community of teachers full of inspiration, mutual support and on-going learning.

Course Requirement

We require all students to have completed a Permaculture Design Course (PDC) (anywhere in the world) before the course starting date.

This course is for PDC holders in any of the following fields…

Teachers and students of architecture, landscape design, school/community gardeners, local government community development officers, ecology and other disciplines including geography, regenerative agriculture and agroforestry as well as permaculture design. If you’re looking to do any type of sustainability or permaculture education/communication, this is the course you’ve been waiting for.


You will learn how to…

  • Design a short, or long course
  • Develop clear course outcomes and ethics
  • Adopt appropriate body behaviour and use nonviolent communication
  • Design effective learning resources
  • Use teaching aids effectively
  • Work with a broad range of people from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Draw on strategies that promote thinking and integrate practical experience
  • Deliver clear explanations and concepts
  • Explain the structure and function of the Permaculture Design Course
  • Give effective and engaging lectures with powerpoint
  • Debrief and give appraisal of your own, and other teaching techniques

About Rosemary Morrow


Rosemary is a well-known, respected permaculture teacher and practitioner who is also very down to earth. For almost 40 years she has worked extensively with farmers and villagers in Africa, Central and South East Asia and Eastern Europe. Rosemary has a special commitment to the people of war-torn nations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Bosnia and Afghanistan.

In between her overseas work Rosemary has developed several of her own properties in the Blue Mountains. Using permaculture principles the properties have become models for sustainable living.

Rosemary is the author of ‘The Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture’ and ‘The Earth User’s Guide to Teaching Permaculture’ (supplied to all students) and is also a co-founder with Lis Bastian of The Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute.


Hannah + Kale

Hannah Moloney  will also be on hand, volunteering her time to provide support to all students in between caring for her new baby girl.  Hannah is the co-director of Good Life Permaculture and offers an enormous amount of real life experience in teaching, communicating effectively as well and practical permaculture skills.

Hannah, and her partner Anton, are currently busy transforming their urban Hobart home into a demonstration city farm. When she hasn’t got her hands in the dirt you’ll find her creating permaculture designs and facilitating social permaculture projects. You can read more about Hannah here.



Students receive

  • Delicious and nutritious vegetarian catering for the full course from Source Community Wholefoods. These guys are amazing and provide vegetarian, local (where possible) healthy and tasty food to keep your body nourished and your brain sharp
  • A copy of Earth User’s Guide to Teaching Permaculture: An invaluable friend to the experienced and novice teacher alike.
  • Class notes and resources
  • Free onsite camping
  • A whole new network of teachers and doers for you to draw on, and be part of


This course is being held at the West Winds Community Centre which is located at 3528 Channel Highway, Woodbridge – around 40 minutes south of Hobart.


There is free onsite camping for all students (BYO all camping gear). If you have a camper van there is also a nice flat space for you to park so you can get super comfy for the week.

If you’d prefer to stay offsite there are a range of local options available to you at your own expense. This include the following, but please look for more if none of these suit you.

Arrival time & class schedule

This course runs from Monday 20th April through to 5pm on the 25th March, however we ask that people arrive on the 19th between 4:30pm and 5:30pm to settle in and have a 6:30pm orientation and dinner. This means we’ll be ready to start for the following morning.

How to get there

Woodbridge is approximately 40 minutes south of Hobart. To get there, take the Southern Outlet and follow the signs to Margate. Once you arrive in the Woodbridge Village (it’s tiny so you may not notice), you’ll pass the local primary school (south of the village) on the ocean side. The turn off to West Winds Community Centre is a few hundred metres south of the school. See map below.


What to bring with you

  • All your camping gear including tent, sleeping mat, sheets, sleeping bag, pillow, teddy bear etc. Please note, it will be cold in the night times so if you’re travelling from a warmer climate pack in preparation to be in a colder climate!
  • Torch
  • Boots,
  • Rain coat,
  • Hat,
  • Sun shirt
  • Sunscreen,
  • Note book and pens
  • Swimmers (we’re within walking distance of a great beach)
  • Towel
  • Warm clothes, even though it’s early Autumn, it will still get chilly
  • A hearty appetite for learning

 Cancellation Policy

If you need to withdraw from this course we ask that you give us 2 weeks notice, we’ll provide a refund minus the deposit fee. Alternatively you’re welcome to pass your place onto a friend or family member or put the full fee towards one of our future courses.


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