Our Homestead

We’re slowly but surely (don’t babies slow things down!) establishing our property as an abundant homestead based on permaculture principles – a place dripping with food, family and fun.

In late December 2012, we (and the bank) became ‘owners’ of 1300 square metres of land with a 90 year old weatherboard home on a sunny, NE facing hillside (with top soil to boot) in central Hobart. Of our 1300 sq metres, approximately 900sq metres is able to be cultivated and we’re well on the way filling this space with our mixed fruit orchard, a young edible forest garden, annual and perennial vegetables, ducks, chooks and bees.

We’re working hard to develop our new home into a living example of what’s possible in the city. Because anything’s possible (pretty much).

house with arrow

 Here’s our home in the 1920s, originally built at ‘higher altitude’ to escape the polluted town. The giant sign, made from rocks painted white, says ‘Heaven’s Blessin’ (not sure why), these days it says ‘Keens Curry’ (a left over advertisement from the company) and is a heritage site. That hillside our home is on (and most of the one behind it) is now well and truly covered with houses.

These days (2015) it looks something like this….


Hobart City Farm

We’re also part of a local group who have established the Hobart City Farm, this is separate to Good Life Permaculture, but very in line with what we’re all about.

A city farm is simply a farm established in an urban area which produces food, we’ll also be offering workshops and opportunities for the community to get involved. You can join the mailing list here to make sure you hear about what’s happening.


Hobart City Farm founders, (L-R) Sam Beattie, Louise Sales, Bridget Stewart, Hannah Moloney and James Da Costa