The Concept Design is recommended to people who are looking a deeper insight into their property and require a strong template for how to transform their home into a permaculture landscape.

Clients receive

  • A vision statement which encapsulates your dreams and aspirations for your property,
  • A thorough list of networks, organisations and relevant businesses to source information, skills and resources from.
  • A full coloured, hand rendered, to scale concept design with the basic layout of what goes where, i.e. orchard, vegetable garden, chook yard, native vegetation. Please note, this option does not specify all plant species or materials required.
  • A report (5-10 pages) outlining different elements in the design, key site considerations, i.e. strong winds from a certain direction.
  • One follow up phone conversation about the design concept if needed.

What’s the process?

  • Residents complete a pre-visit questionnaire via email which provides us with good insight into you, your lifestyle and home.
  • We develop a to scale base map. If you have existing property plans we can use these as part of this process.
  • A 2 – 4 hour site visit takes place which includes:
    • Approximately 30-60 minute meeting with residents,
    • 1 – 3 hour solo walk to conduct site assessment and analysis, and
    • 30 – 60mts – discuss concept ideas and possibilities and options and agree on the design direction.
    • We create a clear concept design offsite, send it via email and talk you through it over the phone to ensure you understand everything. We also post you a hard copy of both the design and report for you to refer to.

FEE? $1000 (urban) – $1500 (rural): Approximately 20 – 25 hours of our time.

* Please note, for large or unique/tricky properties this fee will need to be increased due to it taking longer, contact us for an accurate quote.