The Ultimate Master Plan provides you with detailed documents to convey the integrated concepts of your property in a holistic way. The work done in this package sets clients up for a successful and smooth process of creating drawings and documents for council approvals, obtaining builder and landscaping quotes or gives you everything you need to implement the design yourself.

At Designful and Good Life Permaculture we value builder and contractor relationships and work with you to find the right contractor to see your project through to completion. We see this relationship and collaboration as integral to the success of the process and outcome. The work done in this package is a valuable tool to convey the vision and holistic concept to all contractors to start, guide and complete this process.

Our ongoing professional support can manage both the documentations of design and implementation (separate fees apply) processes to create a productive, beautiful and harmonious home, inside and out.

This package includes

  • A vision statement which encapsulates your dreams and aspirations for your home,
  • A list of networks, organisations and relevant businesses to source information, skills and resources from.

For your garden

We prepare a full set of site plans that are coloured, to scale and accurately detail the placement of the different design elements.  What we deliver generally includes:

  • A site analysis diagram, showing slope, winter and summer sun angles, prevailing winds and other relevant elements,
  • A detailed, coloured hand drawn design diagram,
  • A separate detailed water and irrigation plan, and
  • A design report* (20 + pages) including:
    • Site analysis,
    • Plant lists,
    • A timeline mapping out a staged implementation,
    • An indicative budget, and
    • Other relevant information.

* The design report is a manual tailored specifically to the permaculture-based transformation of your property.  We are also happy to answer questions and talk you through the implementation of the design over an agreed period of time. This option does not include implementation/construction of the design.

For your house

  • A detailed briefing report identifying:
    • Areas that require improvement or change in your existing home or a full brief for a new home.
    • Council and authority requirements
    • Outline of the process required to get your required approvals from council, additional consultant reports the project constructed.
    • A measure-up of existing buildings or, if existing drawings are available these can inform the concept design.
    • A full colour, hand rendered, sketch design for your house drawing upon passive solar design and permaculture principles. This concept plan includes:
      • Relationships between spaces, functions and connections to the garden.
      • Clear indication of potential room and space design and layout,
      • kitchen and bathroom layouts
      • Indication of systems and services that would be suitable for your home, i.e. options for supplementary heating and hot water.
      • Includes elevations and sections to convey the concept of the building.
      • Includes options for a staged implementation of the design ideas to manage budgets.
      • This concept plan is generally to scale. If you have existing plans we are more than happy to work from these.

Please note: For both the house and garden this package does not include drawings or documents for approvals, material selection or include any costing of value of works. We are more than happy to provide a fee proposal for further services to complete required documentation and drawings to obtain council approvals and builder quotes as part of this package.

What’s the process?

  1. We provide you with a briefing questionnaire which you can complete prior to meeting.
  2. We both come to you for a 2 hour meeting and information gathering discussion.
  3. We assess the house and garden sites independently and compile information.
  4. We create and provide detailed property and house information
  5. Create draft sketch designs for both the house and garden and meet with you (1 hour for house and garden each) to discuss and refine these concepts to tailor them accurately. These meetings may take places on separate days, depending on availability.
  6. Provide scaled, full colour sketch designs.
  7. Provide a briefing report outlining relevant information for both the house and garden.
  8. Provide two follow up phone meetings (one each for the house and garden) to make sure all is well.

FEE? Between $4000 – $6000, up to 80 hours of our time. The size of the project and the time in which you require professional support from us will determine the budget. To receive an accurate quote for free contact us to make arrangements.

Design Implementation

For both your house and garden/farm, we have a highly skilled team of contractors we can draw on to implement some, or all of, your house and garden design. The timing and fee structure for this can be tailored to your budget and staged over a period of time or completed in one swift swoop. To discuss this option, please contact us for further exploration.