The Intermediate Master Plan goes beyond the foundations. This option provides you with more detailed information to get you started in identifying the potential in your property.

This package includes the following:

  • A vision statement which encapsulates your dreams and aspirations for your home,
  • A thorough list of networks, organisations and relevant businesses to source information, skills and resources from.

For your garden

  • A full colour, hand rendered, to scale design with the basic layout of what goes where, i.e. orchard, vegetable garden, chook yard, native vegetation, social space etc,
  • Some detail outlining plant species and suggestions for most appropriate materials (for infrastructure and landscaping supplies) required for the design are supplied,
  • A report (up to 5 pages) explaining the different elements in the design and key site considerations,
  • One follow up phone conversation if needed.

For your house

  • A briefing report identifying areas that require improvement or change to your existing house or a full brief for a new home. The brief also identifies council and authority requirements.
  • A basic measure of existing buildings or, if existing drawings are available these can inform the concept design.
  • A full colour, hand rendered, concept plan for your house drawing upon passive solar design and permaculture principles. This concept plan includes relationships between spaces, functions and connections to the garden. It gives clear indications of potential room layouts and how the rooms and spaces can be used to their fullest. This package also includes an elevation view of the concept plan.
  • This concept plan is generally to scale. If you have existing plans we are more than happy to work from these.
  • Includes follow up phone conversation about the concept design.
  • This option doesn’t include construction types, materials or indications of the value of works.

What’s the process?

  1. We provide you with a briefing questionnaire which you can complete prior to meeting.
  2. We both come to you for a 1 hour meeting and information gathering discussion.
  3. We assess the house and garden sites independently and compile information.
  4. We create and provide detailed design concepts for both the house and garden.
  5. Provide a report (up to 5 pages for the garden) and a brief for your house.
  6. Provide one follow up phone meeting (for both the house and garden – a total of two) to make sure all is well.

* FEE? $2000 – Up to 30 hours of our time. For large properties and new builds this price will need to be increased, please contact us for more information.