House & Garden Master Plan

We’re collaborating with local building designers, Designful, to provide this unique service for people who are looking to create a truly sustainable landscape and house to create the ultimate home. Whether you’re starting from scratch or are adapting an existing property, we can give you a nudge in the right direction, a concept design or a detailed, tailored design and manual to guide you through this process. See some of our past designs here.

Design Options

About your designers...
Hannah Moloney grew up on a city farm in Brisbane growing herbs and has over a decade of hands-on experience in designing, building, managing and doing projects around urban agriculture, small-scale farming, permaculture and community development. She has a post-grad diploma in community cultural development and completed her Permaculture Design Course in 2008 and since 2009, has been teaching permaculture across Australia with the likes of the Southern Cross Permaculture Institute, the Permaforest Trust and Milkwood Permaculture. In 2011 she completed a Diploma of Permaculture with Eltham College (VIC) and has taken short courses in teacher training with Rosemary Morrow, the soil food web with Dr Elaine Ingham and reading the landscape with David Holmgren. In recent years Hannah has taught alongside some of the most celebrated permaculturalists in the world including David Holmgren (co-founder of permaculture) and Dave Jacke (US author of Edible Forest Gardens).
Graduating in Environmental Design from the University of Tasmania, Jane Hilliard has enjoyed a ten year career as a successful architectural building designer. Her endeavours and passion for sustainability have enabled a variety of collaborations with environmentally innovative Australian architects. Travelling from Tasmania to Far North Queensland and back, Jane has worked for a number of leading firms as project leader, effectively designing climate responsive corporate buildings, urban spaces and user responsive homes.

For Jane and Designful, collaboration is the key component to a successful project. “I question clients and prompt them to really consider their lifestyle. What are their true necessities? We work out what the needs and desires are for the build – together. I take budgets very seriously and invest time in creating the concepts that address all requirements of a project. Good clear communication is paramount between client, designer and builder and so I am mindful of every brief to ensure absolute clarity. For me great working relationships achieve great results”.